Florida Cancer Network

George Grills (UM)

University of Miami (UM)

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George Grills is Associate Director for Shared Resources at the SCCC at the University of Miami (UM). He oversees the Cancer Center’s research core facilities, to ensure that investigators have the cutting-edge technologies and services needed to catalyze basic, translational, clinical, and population science research. He is also the chair of the University Research Council (URC) Research Cores and Facilities Committee (RCFC), which includes all the research core facilities at UM. His responsibilities include driving improvements in research services, supporting the evaluation and implementation of new research technologies, and facilitating research rigor and reproducibility. He has extensive experience with translating research needs into strategic plans for research resources and ensuring their successful implementation. His primary responsibility in this project is in facilitating the development and implementation of the PAC3R platform and ensuring coordinated, multidisciplinary use of this infrastructure by the shared resources at the University of Miami as well as at collaborating institutions. Prior to his current position, Grills served as Assistant Dean for Research Resources at Weill Cornell Medicine, Director of Operations for Core Facilities in the Life Sciences at Cornell University, and Director of DNA Sequencing at the Genome Center of the Harvard Medical School-Partners Healthcare Center for Genetics and Genomics.

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