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Gogce Crynen, PhD

Gogce Crynen, PhD is the Scientific Director of Bioinformatics and Statistics Core at the University of Florida Scripps Biomedical Research, where her team provides support to perform statistical analysis and interpretation of genetic, biochemical, and omics data, some of which involve cancer. Their biostatistics analyses focus on developing and applying statistical methods to a wide range of topics in biological research, and downstream analysis of genomics and proteomics data. Biostatistical services have become increasingly important in the biosciences, e.g., the updated standards of Rigor and Reproducibility from the NIH. The recent merger of The Scripps Research Institute Florida campus with University of Florida increases our capacity to use supercomputing and a wide variety of bioinformatic tools, and provides additional training resources in the field of computational biology. Having experience in data management, experimental design, and analysis of clinical data, she is well suited to assist with integration and harmonization of existing and future datasets with the PAC3R infrastructure.

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