Listed here are some of the incredibly helpful and vital resources and tools that serve as part of the foundation for the Florida Cancer Network initiative. Use the links below or the navigation menu at the top to learn more about them.

Sylvester Data Portal (SDP)

A versatile multi-omics research program that facilitates the long-term preservation, secure storage, and reproducible analysis of high-value data generated by the Sylvester Shared Resources.

Cancer Gene Prognosis Atlas (CGPA)

The CGPA (Cancer Gene Prognosis Atlas) is an innovative online tool designed to enhance gene-centric biomarker discovery and validation in cancer genomics. CGPA offers comprehensive analysis capabilities, addressing the limitations of existing databases by offering multivariable and multi-gene survival models, crucial for accurate prognostic assessments. It provides an intuitive platform for researchers and clinicians, facilitating the exploration of gene expression’s impact on clinical outcomes, a task often hindered by the complexity and volume of data in current cancer transcriptome databases. CGPA’s unique functionalities also enable the effective mining of gene correlations and the creation of customizable gene panels, significantly advancing the field of oncological research.

Scan 360

An interactive visualization data tool that allows for a “360° View” of different patterns of effects that cause cancer across the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center’s view, particularly throughout the state of Florida.

The Bioinformatics Research Group’s Plugin-Based Microbiome Analysis (BioRG PluMA)

PluMA is a tool that aims to help construct and facilitate the flexible analysis of genetic pipelines through a large pool of plugins, allowing developers to work within the programming language of their choice to allow for greater, more efficient testing and debugging.